Monday, July 27, 2009

Speaking of Exceling Rapidly...

Tonight I was sitting on the couch and Matthew was whining and pacing around the coffee table as he does when he gets tired and ready for bed. He came to the side near me and I said 'come to me'. And he did! He took a step towards me!!! Then he fell and crawled the rest of the way, but he took a step first! Matt and I sat speechless for a second at what we just saw happen. We both got on the floor and kept making him try again and every time he would take that one step and then crawl. But one step is how it all begins, isn't it?

I'll get some video soon. For now here's a picture of the little guy getting ready to take off!


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Stephanie ~This Army Wife~ said...

How cute. I remember when my firstborn took her first steps. How exciting! Now I can enjoy it all over again when my 2nd born gets of age!