Sunday, August 31, 2008

Every Day is a New Experience

Matt and I were busy today rearranging our living room to fit the bigger paraphanelia that comes with the little baby (that's a blog for another day, why are babies so little yet their stuff is so big?) Anyway a lot of the stuff could be done with one of us with the baby but for a little bit we really needed to both focus on working in the room and of course it coincided with a time that Matthew decided he needed attention too.

I remembered a toy we had received at my shower and had Matt bring it down. It was like giving him Christmas and his birthday mixed with the best movie you've ever seen. As soon as I set it up in front of him his eyes got real big and the smiles on his face were melting!

Luckily I'm never far from my camera and was able to capture it on film and in video.

Aren't you happy we can share the experience with you all?

Make sure you check in the video how he is holding on to the green ring.



And in video form.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Matthew Smiles!

In video form.

You have to pay attention because it's a quick one!

You Think Your Baby's Smart?

Mine can read! At the tender age of 6 weeks.

As a pre-school teacher reading and books are very important to me. We've bought Matthew books all along and from the day we found out he was a boy would read to him at night.

We bought him a couple of books on vacation and his Aunt Christi was reading one to him and every time she would turn a page he would grab it. It was so cute to watch him look at the pages as if he was really comprehending what she was doing.

Next up...french lessons!


The Boy Knows What He Wants

My son.

He's normally very sweet tempered and content to be wherever you put him.

I can get a lot done in the day around the house because of this. Yesterday afternoon, however, there was something he wanted to do that only I could help him with. For an hour he decided he wanted to stand like a big boy. Whenever I would try to hold him close or put him down or move him in any way, shape or form, he cried.

So for an hour we did this.


I'll give him this...he knows what he wants.

Friday, August 1, 2008

525,600 Minutes

The cast of Rent appeared on Good Morning America this morning and sang this song which is one of my favorite songs. It's called Seasons of Love and is about meausuring a year in the life of somebody.

Of course with my raging post partum hormones I started thinking of what a year I've had. This time last year I was struggling to get out of bed and find something to live for. I know not to question God, that there is a path we are all meant to walk on, but it was certainly not an easy time to say the least. I couldn't imagine then the full circle my life would take. I don't know if you all realize that I gave birth to him two days before the one year anniversary of losing his brother and sister. Full circle.

I am overwhelmed at the blessings in my life and that God deemed me worthy to not only be a mother to angels, but to also give us this little boy to raise and show the ways of the world. All the hopes and dreams I have for him are boundless. I want the world for him. My heart is so full of love for my family that I feel as if it could burst at any second.

As the song was playing on the television the little one started squeaking, as little ones often do, and I snatched him up and held him close and cried. They were happy tears for him mixed with sad tears for the twins and my mom as the realization that this has been a hell of a year for us.

But man, did it turn out well.