Monday, November 30, 2009

Me and My Pop-pop!

From the time Matthew was a little bitty boy he's loved his Pop-pop. He was always happy when in his arms and he could always get him to laugh.

Of course he went through a period of time when nobody could hold him, not even Pop-pop, but he's over that hump, thankfully.

Last week we went to Matt's parents house for Thanksgiving. We had a great time and celebrated Pop-pop's birthday along with Thanksgiving.


Matt and I also got a lot of Christmas shopping done. But Matthew was in heaven because he had 5 whole days of Pop-pop. He sat in his lap to watch tv, he followed him around the house and "talked" with him on the phone.


He also learned a fun new game with Grammy. He learned the endless love of a grandmother and how she'll pick you up 5001 times, especially if you give her a kiss every time she does it.

Yesterday we were outside, helping them put lights up on their house and Pop-pop got out the rake to try and get the last of the leaves. And as Pop-pop would make a pile, Matthew would slosh through it. Pop-pop didn't mind though, he'd just keep raking.



It's fun to watch him with him. To see a boy who's over the moon for his Pop-pop. And I bet Pop-pop thinks Matthew's pretty special too!

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