Wednesday, November 11, 2009

He's Getting So Smart!

I'm skipping Wordless Wednesday this week because Matthew did something today that was so smart I just had to share.

We have a side by side fridge with water and ice in the door. Tonight I got drinks for dinner and put them on the counter and turned to find Matthew touching the water dispenser levers. I instantly ran over and hit the lock button. I was a bit in shock that he could reach that already!

I knew he was getting taller as I've seen him come into the living room with various things from the dining room table or the kitchen counters that I thought were out of reach. You know, like the salt shaker, a spatula, his cups. But I didn't expect him to be able to reach the ice and water dispenser. Thank God there is a lock option.

Well after I locked it I was bustling around getting dinner pulled together since Matt was on his way home and I notice Matthew is bustling right behind me. He went over to the basket the tupperware sits in and grabbed a cup out of it and ran over to the water dispenser and put it up against it! He figured out you need to collect the ice/water in something!!


So then I decided to test out smart he was. And did this.

Isn't he so smart? It's amazing what they're learning just from watching.

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