Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Decking the Halls

I've never been one to wait to put up my Christmas decorations. As a little girl and teenager I would beg my mom every year to put the tree up earlier and earlier. But she was adament about waiting until a couple weeks before Christmas. And on New Year's Day it was all packed away into boxes.

Now that I have my own house I can put it up when I want. I'm starting to realize what a challenge this year will be with my own little "elf" in the house. He's very helpful and loves to look at the lights. But he's got the grace of a bull in a china shop.

That's okay though. There is something magical about the joy of a chiild during the holidays. The lights and music cast a spell on him and makes it more fun than I ever imagined!

Last night we started putting the decorations on the tree. And he was so excited to help. He handed the ornaments to Daddy who then handed them to me.


It started out well but quickly disintegrated as bedtime set in. He began to throw the ornaments over the baby gate and then it was pretty much time to call it done. He came over to the tree and helped put his ornament on that we had made for him last year.


He loved to look at the lights and all the ornaments. We put ones he can't break or hurt himself on the bottom.


Finally he helped Daddy put the topper on the tree. This topper is very special. It was my grandmothers and I always loved it as a little girl, and love it that much more as a grown-up. It's filled with love and memories and it thrills me to now have a little boy to make memories with.


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Baysparkle said...

So happy you have your tree topper to make your holidays that much more wonderful. Happy that you have good memories and are making more for yourself and Matthew as well... love, as always, Aunt Patty