Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Blog Makeover!

I wanted to change the look of the blog. I was going with a Christmas theme and then remembered the cute Thanksgiving jammies Matthew has so decided to go with that for a week.

Getting a good picture of him in the jammies turned out to be quite an ordeal. I knew it was too good to be true when I snapped the first picture and...boom...perfect! Until I looked closer and realized you couldn't read the pajama tops. Which was the driving force behind the blog change.


The look on his face is just precious and I'm actually stupidly upset I couldn't use it as my header picture.

Trying to get a one year old to cooperate with you on a picture, in a time crunch and close to bedtime can be likened to giving a cat a bath. A lot of sweat, tears (mine and his) and 5000000 pictures on the camera (thank God for digital) and finally...perfect? Well not really, but good enough.

Here are some out-takes!





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Jac said...

Aww! Love the makeover, and the jammies!! (I need to go look for some Turkey Jammies for Skyler!)

(It's Jacque from OLU)

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