Thursday, January 14, 2010

Matthew Conquers the World

On Thursday's Matthew and I attend the Little Rollers class at the Y. When we first started Matthew barely left my side and if any of the other kids or moms tried to talk to him he'd cry. Now he barely pays any attention to me and even lets other moms hold his hand or help him up on something. It really has been an amazing transformation to watch him be more sure of himself without leaning on mommy for support.

One of his favorite activities is the slide but he has trouble getting all the way up to the top and figuring out how to sit down and slide. Today he finally did it!

Okay so he kind of slides down in a split position, but hey, I don't have to help him anymore. And yeah, so he's not conquering THE world, but he is conquering his.

Here he is all proud of himself for getting to the top by himself.



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