Saturday, January 2, 2010

Does the House Look Lighter to You?

A message board I belong to is doing a challenge. To rid your house of 2010 things in the year 2010. And to make it more interesting one of the members started a blog that offers weekly challenges to help you find things in your house to go through that will get rid of more junk.

I welcome you all to join it, I added the blog in my sidebar. And I'll keep a running total of what we've purged too.

Today was a big day for us. We cleaned out and organized our linen closet.

Here is was before:

And after (and after a $50 trip to Target for bins and new batteries for the label maker...but isn't it pretty?)

and because I'm so proud of our handy-work here's a shelf by shelf picture.


Doesn't it look so nice?

We also went through Matthew's clothes and Matt's bedside table. Our grand total from today was 252 items!! Go us!!!

In other family news yesterday was a big day. Penn State won their bowl game! Yay!!

And Matthew looked super cute in his new Penn State shirt.

And here's a link to the blog I'm following to give you ideas and challenges on what you can get rid of in your house!

Happy Purging!

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