Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's too cold out so we decided to hibernate. When the temperature doesn't reach freezing it's too cold to go outside. And luckily we have no reason to. We let Matthew be a couch potato as we took down all the Christmas decorations except for our tree. I put up my Valentine's decorations which make me stupidly happy.

We listened to Matthew lay up in his crib and avoid napping until almost 2:00. He turns 18 months old today and I guess he feels he's just too old to nap. Of course the fact that he slept in until almost 9 and then lounged around watching tv all morning helped him to not be tired.

As Matthew napped Matt I played Wii where I finally almost beat him at Winter Olympics Alpine Skiing. Almost. Sigh. I will do it one day. Something happens to me while I'm playing and it doesn't matter how often (and loudly) Matt tells me just to turn the controller with subtle movements, five seconds in and I'm moving my arms wildly from left to right contorting my face as if it that would help me too. The result is that I miss all the flags I'm supposed to hit and come in so far behind Matt that his Mii is taking a nap in the snow waiting for me to get down hill. I don't even know why I bother hitting the A booster button when I get to the end, I guess it's just because I can. Matt can't come close to my Wii Bocce and Disc Golf skills, however. And I kicked his butt at Wii Volleyball too!

For dinner I continued on my quest to start making more things from scratch and made my own pizza dough to create the yummiest white broccoli pizza this side of Mack n Manco's.


Matthew gobbled it up and anytime a toddler eats all of his dinner I consider it a personal victory.

A little bit more playing and a nice bath followed by ushering Matthew into bed completed our day and now we're watching the Eagles/Cowboys game and hoping beyond hope a miracle happens and they decide to start playing this game.

Tomorrow we plan to hibernate some more. Although we do have to take the trash out tomorrow night so we will actually have to open the door.

As I mentioned earlier, Matthew turned 18 months old today. How he got that old I don't know, we're on the down swing to two and it both excites me and makes me sad. Time, it sure does go fast.

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