Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, His Modeling Career May Be Over

It happened in slow motion.

We were outside playing yesterday afternoon. I was sitting on our step and the neighborhood stray cat had come over to be pet. Matthew came over too, to pester. As he was getting down to go back to playing he decided to walk down the steps rather than sit and scoot as he normally does.

I saw it happening before it happened and time seemed to slow down and my arms and legs somehow felt as if they were chained to the ground. I just couldn't get to him in time because it happened too fast.

Down he went, confident in his abilities. Luckily his face broke his fall. Flat on the cement he went. I picked him up and blood started pooling under his nose. We came inside and I cleaned him up and he attempted to eat the paper towels I was using to clean him up with.

He was fine, and I was not. Poor little man. It'll heal quickly I'm sure. I will take a little longer. Being that he's a child of the boy variety I'm sure this won't be his last injury. But it still makes me feel bad.


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