Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Like Christmas Every Monday

I try on Monday's to switch out the toys that are in the gated area of our living room. I find he stays interested in them when there's something new. Toys that he is bored with just get tossed over the gate constantly. This morning I pulled out a circus tent toy that his Uncle Jim and Aunt Charla got him. It's a toy that's been out before but one that hasn't really sparked his interest, until today.

The toy is pretty cool. It's a circus tent and then there are animal inside and as you pull them out of the top of the tent a voice announces what kind it is or what sound it makes.

Matthew kept bringing me over the toy to take the animals out and then he would walk away from me with it. Finally all the animals were gone and he brought me his sock. He was quite confused when the circus tent wouldn't announce the sock as it entered the tent.

It entertained him all day, and he was excited to show daddy his new toy when he came from work.




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