Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Matthew's gained a new skill. Swaying to music. It is so cute and just makes me all giddy to watch him do it. Anytime he hears any music at all he rocks back and forth. I just love that he feels the music and just has to move.

There are, however, times when I don't swoon over his new found talent. Bedtime. Saturday night he was having a rough time sleeping. We were in a hotel room and he just couldn't settle down. So I got up and sat in the desk chair that luckily swiveled and rocked and started singing our songs. A little bit of skidamarinkydinkydink and you are my sunshine and usually he's resting his head on your shoulder. Not this night. This night he was a dancing fool! Giggling and swaying and mommy was trying her hardest to stay serious with him. But it was so cute.

He did it again tonight. And I couldn't help but think that even though I'm no Celine Dion he still feels the music in his mommy's songs.

I love this kid.


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