Sunday, May 10, 2009

Three Years in the Making...

Today is my first real, official Mother's Day. Of course I've been pregnant the past two years and my husband, being the wonderful man he is, treated me to breakfast and gifts even then. But this one I had a real live kid to share the day with.

We woke up at 8, actually before said kid, and decided to try and get dressed so we could just leave when he woke up. He woke up about two seconds later.

We drove through three towns to find a place to eat. Our normal spots had lines out to the parking lot. Eventually we just decided to stop at the next diner we found and finally eat.

After breakfast we went to buy flowers for the garden, go to the grocery store to get ingredients to make dinner and then, finally, home. I spent my afternoon with my hands in the dirt. Bringing my garden back to life and putting some color back onto my porch. I love the spring and the promise of life that it brings.

Planting flowers was a Mother's Day tradition for my mom. It's what we did. And I am happy that I am carrying on this tradition.

This is my first Mother's Day, but also my first without my mom. It's coming up on a year since she's been gone and I think I'm just starting to process that loss. I was 8 months pregnant when she died and needed to focus on getting through the rest of my pregnancy. I decided to honor my mom by attempting to make the meal she always made me whenever we would visit. The recipe was in her head so I searched on the internet and found one that had the ingredients I knew she used. And I'm so excited to share with you all that it turned out really well! Matt and I made salmon cakes and home made french fries. They were really yummy, although not quite as yummy as my moms. But as everything in life, I did the best I could.

All in all it was a beautiful day spent with my two favorite guys.

I wish all of you mommies, mommies to be one day and mommies who hold their angels in their hearts a very happy Mother's Day!

I leave you tonight with three pictures:

One of the three reasons I'm a mommy

My garden all ready for the spring

And finally...salmon cakes!

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