Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Know It's Been A While...

I can hear the sighs of your disappointment as you check this blog waiting and waiting for something new to be here. Well, faithful readers, today is your day!

Where have I been, might you ask? Very busy. We've had a lot going on including two weekends in a row of being away. But we're home now and finally settled back into life.

Matthew, nearing ten months, has become a pro at standing up. Including the day I caught him standing up in his high chair and just yesterday at Target, despite being buckled in, he was halfway to standing up in the cart! I fear for his life, and my heart, daily. What's going to happen when he can really get walking?

The biggest change I've noticed in him lately is his ability to play and to want to be played with. He breaks out into giggles at night when Matt and I play "I'm going to get you" with him as we head up the stairs for bathtime. If you take his nose and eat it he will melt into hysterical laughter on the floor and then force his face towards you for you to do it again. It fills my heart with incredible joy to see him be so happy.

I'm trying to savor these moments, for I know that all too soon every toy in the house will be bypassed as I hear the words, "mom, I'm bored" 5 million times a day. I'll be sure to remind him of the simple joy he found in a stolen nose or in the thought that he scared mommy. I imagine he won't care when he's 10, but one day he'll have a little boy or girl himself, and he'll remember what I said as he plays a game of peek-a-boo and laughs as hard as his child does. And when he does he'll know the depths of a parent's love for a child.


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