Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So it's closer to New Year's than Christmas right now but we've been working our way out of the toy store that was dropped off at our house. My father in law made the joke that Toy's R Us called and they've run out of product and could they borrow some of ours to restock the shelves. Sadly he's only half joking, while Toy's R Us did not call, we do have a lot of toys. But that's a problem I'll gladly take any day.

Matthew had a great first Christmas. He was very interested in the whole presents process and while he did not obviously unwrap his own gifts, he did have quite a lot of fun with them while they were still wrapped. He does seem to understand that toys are a fun thing to have an makes attempts at playing with them. The coming months will be full of all new experiences for the little guy.

Matt and I are including in our resolutions this year to get this house organized so we have room for Matthew to keep learning and growing.

He's made some cool advancements over the past week or so.

~he's rolling from back to belly and belly to back and can get quite far until he runs into a wall or a chair.

~he's reaching out to you if you put your arms out to him

~he's doing very well eating solids. We got him a mesh feeder for his stocking and so far it is a huge hit. He's had carrots, banana's sweet potatoes and cantelope in it.

~his deep belly laughs are becoming more frequent and not just at tickles. He thinks peek-a-boo is hilarious as well as pretending his hands have gone missing.

He is a complete and total joy to watch grow every day. I love this little guy with a desperation I've never felt before.


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