Sunday, May 2, 2010


Matthew is growing up very quickly. And as these days start to blend one into the other there are some Matthew-isms I want to write down before I forget.

*He calls crayons "green" which sounds like "cweem". He knows a lot of his colors but anything that you can write with is a "cweem."

*Instead of saying "where" he says "eeee". As in "eeee da-da?" which, in case you don't speak Matthew means, "mother, would you happen to know where father is?" Every weekday morning when we come downstairs he walks around going "eeee da-da? Da-da, air aww you?"

*When he wants you to pick him up he says, "come heyah" and if you ask him to come to you he says "wait...wait."

*In the car he now plays the "up" game. He'll from the back command "mommy? Up!" and then I have to put my arms straight in the air and say "up!" After I do it he then says "da-da? Up!" And Matt has to do it. Repeat this game ten million times.

*His favorite show is "The Fresh Beat Band." The song I linked he dances to and tries to imitate the moves.

*If you ask him anything the answer is usually "nyo" Like, "Matthew, did mommy make you a good lunch?" "Nyo."

*Today we were standing in line at Starbucks where I was treating myself to a caramel frappachino and he spied a cookie in the case. He said "mommy? Dat cookie?" and I told him that it was and asked if he wanted one and he said "cookie, pwease!" So of course he got the cookie. That's not a habit I want to really encourage but it was the first time he specifically asked for something that he saw.

*Along that line I ask him everyday what he wants for lunch and most days his answer is "mem" and "cheeeeeese" Mem=bread, again for those of you not fluent in Matthew.

That's all for now, I'm sure I'll have more another time. The way he interprets the world around him is just so fun to watch. I love this little boy endlessly.

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