Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh No We're Stuck!

Last weekend we went to visit Matt's parents. Since I crave the beach anytime I'm within 45 minutes from it on Friday we went to Rehobeth to have lunch on the boardwalk and feel the sand beneath our toes.

Last summer Matthew loved the beach. He loved digging in the sand, playing and throwing it and even went through the rite of passage of eating it. So call us surprised when we stepped onto the sand and he started fussing. He stopped walking and reached his little arms in the air saying "up!" I picked him up and kept going forward and we stopped after getting off the drop-off that had built up through the winter storms. I put him down and even sat with him but he just wasn't having it.

He kept saying "boad-wak...boad-wak" and even exclaimed "Oh no we're stuck!"

Does this look like the face of a guy who's having fun?

Oh no, he's losing his footing!

Oh my God there's sand on my hands!

However shall I carry on?

Daddy...fix it...

He better find his love for the beach again or it's going to be a long summer for him.

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