Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Last Appeal

Our walk is this Sunday so I'm posting one more time our letter to family and friends. Please help us if you can!

Last year with the help of family and friends we raised $1200 for the March of Dimes!! The time has come around for us to ask for your help again. It's an important cause for us. Most of you know our story by now. In March of 2007 we found out we were expecting twins. We knew that they would change our world but we never imagined how. When I went into labor after finding out we had already lost one of the twins I was way too early for our son to have a chance. I can remember very clearly the fear I had as we walked toward the Labor and Delivery ward of the hospital. Ignoring the gut feeling I had and hoping beyond hope that the dr's would be able to save our son. That I would be put on bedrest and told to take it easy until I could get far enough in the pregnancy for him to be born. I listened to his heartbeat over the monitor and tried to convince myself it was all going to be okay. A few minutes later we found out how wrong we were as our dr, with tears streaming down her face, told us that I was in labor and nothing could stop it. I gave birth not long after to our son who would never utter a sound. Who passed silently on without ever knowing the warmth of my arms. An hour later his sister, who had passed in utero a couple weeks before was also born. Nothing could have saved my babies. But the work done by the March of Dimes has spared countless mothers and fathers from the empty arms Matt and I live with every day.

Last July 9th Matthew turned one. We took him to the aquarium and had a cookie monster cake and two days later threw a big party with our family to celebrate that first year of his life. But there was a day sandwiched in between that was a little more subdued. It was the two year anniversary of the twins' passing. We still celebrated the mark the twins left on our life. We took Matthew to Build-a-Bear where he made a teddy bear with two hearts put inside of it. I'm happy to say that the bear made that day has become Matthew's constant companion. It is a tradition we plan to keep up through Matthew's childhood.

This year I am already planning Matthew's 2nd birthday. Choosing a theme and deciding on a cake. Figuring out what his invitation will look like. But I can't do that for my twins. So I'm doing what I can do. Raising money for the March of Dimes so they can provide medical help to pregnant women, technology to save babies born too soon, and support for the parents who sit night after night by incubators in the NICU. Our life crumbled at our feet on July 11, 2007. The people we were before their loss were gone and we had to figure out how to pick up and move forward. Doing this walk helps us to heal, to feel as if we're doing something for our children who are not here. We're doing our part to make sure our twins' all too short lives were not in vain. That their memory lives on.

Will you help us? I know times are tough and it's hard to be asked to donate money if it's something you don't have. So I understand if you can't give too much, or anything at all. And I appreciate you taking the time to read my story.

Our team is called Matthew's Angels. Because Daniel and Hope are always looking out for him. Losing them created the path that brought Matthew into our lives. I will always ache to have them here and see Matthew grow up with them. But that's not the journey we're on. But we can do our part to help other little brothers and sisters not grow up alone.

You can donate to our team by going to the web page below:


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