Monday, September 21, 2009


Matthew is quickly becoming a full time walker. It's a wonderful accomplishment and I am so proud. Matt likes to say he does an impression of Frankenstein when he walks as he holds his arms out for balance. He's pretty proud of himself too. We've cheered him on and sat for endless hours on the floor trying to get him to go between us to get him to start. And now he laps the living room, a toy in each hand.

Yesterday we went to Target. Matt carried Matthew in and walking next to us was a family with two little kids. One who was around five and one who was probably close to two. Seeing the two year old walking independently made me realize that soon that will be Matthew. He'll hold our hands as we walk into stores or walk to go get the mail. And sooner than I realized he won't even want to be carried anywhere anymore. He can already go up and down the stairs by himself. And while that's a wonderful thing that he's becoming independent and learning to get around on his own I want to take time to make a forever impression on my mind. Of a little boy who clutches your collar as you carry him. Of a little boy with tiny arms reaching up for a ride. Of a little boy who is growing up very quickly.

I need to make myself take a timeout. And remember there's no rush for anything in his life. He'll do everything in his own time, and I'm just a facilitator to encourage his growth and accomplishments. Days go by and with them push Matthew further and further into childhood. And I need to just take a minute and be thankful for today.


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