Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Have Been Blessed

I was driving to Target today after our mommy and me swim class thinking about my life. How I'm living my dream. Every day I get to wake up and spend the day with my little boy. We eat breakfast together when we get up. We go to swim classes, and story times at the library and this week will start a tumble class. We go grocery shopping or Target and sometimes to the park. After running errands or going to classes we come home and I make him lunch. Today it was a bologna and cheese sandwich with fruit and mixed veggies. After lunch I put him to bed then work on laundry and get myself lunch. I straighten up and play online and watch tv and wait for Matthew to wake up. He has a snack when he wakes up and then we play until Matt gets home. While waiting for Matt we play outside, a lot of times with the little girls next door. Once Matt gets home it's dinner time then usually we go for a walk to get the mail. After that it's bathtime and bedtime. The next day it starts all over again.

For some people that may sound mundane, boring, mind-numbing. The same thing day after day after day. But for me it's my dream. It's what I've wanted to do my whole life. Take care of my family. One day I do plan on using my degree, not sure in what direction yet, but I will use it. But for now I can't imagine doing anything else. There is nothing more rewarding to me then at the end of the day I have been able to spend it helping Matthew navigate another 24 hours on this planet as he grows up. And he's growing up very quickly. The years will pass by and I don't want regrets or to wish I had spent more time with him. A bigger house can wait. A new car can wait. This...these days? They won't.


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