Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last Supper

Matt and I finally broke down and bought a new dining room table and chairs. Our old ones were...well... old. Matt's parents got them when they were married and they've been married a long time. It's served us well over the years but it was just time for us to get a new one.

Now I'm the first to admit I'm emotional. It's probably not even a stretch to say I'm a little too emotional. I have an empty bottle of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo upstairs in my son's bathroom because it was the first bottle we bought for him. I just can't bring myself to throw it away. But this table I've been itching to get rid of. I couldn't wait to get a new one. Until this week when I realized in order to make room for the new, the old had to go. There's no where for us to put the old table and we just don't need it anymore so it has to go. And that hit me with a wave of memories. With the realization that this table was not going to be our table anymore came an overwhelming sadness. It is the table we ate dinner at for 10 years, it's the place Matthew had his first sponge bath at home on, and the place where our little baby kitties would sit on to look out the window at our first apartment.

We celebrated our last supper with this table last night. Had a nice dinner together and it was bittersweet for me. All those memories would leave with the table and it makes me pause. I know it's silly to attach such emotion to what is essentially wood. But it's a part of our family history.


Today the new table arrived. And with it the first supper and the promise of memories that will be made over the years. Eventually Matthew will move from his high chair and sit at this table. It will probably be the one he colors on with markers when I'm not looking, and possibly the place where a young lady will sit many many years from as he tells us that "she's the one." It may be the table that one day another baby has his or her first spongebath on. It may be the table Matthew and his little brother or sister turn into a tent.

I have a lot of hope and dreams for this new table. And I think I'm ready to let go of the old one.


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