Monday, March 2, 2009

Matthew and the Snowy Day

On a cold late winter day Matthew's mommy said to him, "Matthew, it's snowing outside! Do you see it?"

Matthew, being 7 days shy of 8 months wasn't much interested in the white blanket that had appeared outside his door. Despite his disinterest he found himself repeatedly rolling to the door to see what was going on out there.


He saw all kinds of fun things outside his door. Men with shovels moving the snow and kitties fighting for the same view. He even got to try and chew on daddy's shoes that were left by the door! It was pretty fun.

Mommy told Matthew that when daddy got home we would get all bundled up to go outside and see this stuff she called "snow" up close. Daddy came home and they got him dressed in his cool blue train snow suit and outside they went!

Daddy stood him up next to the piles of snow the man had made earlier and Matthew was so excited that he fell face forward into it. But he's a big boy and didn't cry! In fact he thought it was rather funny.


Mommy sat Matthew down next to the big pile to show him one day just how little he was.


It was very windy and the wind bothered Matthew so mommy and daddy said it was time to go inside for dinner. But Matthew had a good time in the snow! Daddy said next year he would get him a sled and take him for a ride on it! Matthew can't wait to find out what a sled is!

-The End.

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