Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Long Night

Last night Matthew had a "he's lucky he's cute" night. We lowered his crib mattress due to his new skill of pulling up on his knees which is the gateway to pulling up to a standing position. In moving the mattress we realized he had access to the outlet behind his crib. We are going out today to rectify that situation so we had him stay in our room last night in his bassinette.

He took an hour long nap as we made our way home last night and was wide awake when we got here. So sleep was something not on his agenda. We put him in the swing and he played there pleasantly until we went to bed at 11. He got himself pretty twisted in the swing. Luckily he was belted in.


We went up to bed at 11. I put him in the bassinette, laying down, covered him up and handed him his paci and his puppy. I turned to face Matt to say prayers and say goodnight and turn back over and am greeted by this:

Hi Mom!

He's lucky he's cute!!

We brought him into bed with us to try and get him to calm down and he just wasn't having it. Finally at 12:30 it dawned on us that we could move the crib from the wall and he wouldn't be near the outlet. Matt put him in there and shut the door and he fell right asleep.


Unfortnately it didn't last too long and he was back up in 15 minutes. He was miserably tired and we wondered if his teeth hurt him so we gave him motrin. Then wondered if he was hungry so fed him a bottle. Finally at 1:30 he fell asleep for the night.

At 7:00 he was up again and I turned over to see him up on his knees surveying the contents of my nightstand where he spied one of his toys. He snatched it down and laid back down and went back to sleep until 8.

Again, I say...he's lucky he's cute!

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