Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just Ten Minutes

I'm full of blog ideas lately, aren't I? :)

So tonight I was in the bathtub thinking about how I used to daydream during the day about taking my bath at night. I love baths and it was one of the biggest things I missed while being pregnant. See I love boiling hot baths and that's on the no-no list when you're pregnant. Since I thought it would be a tease to take a bath but not have it be a hot one I just decided to take showers. Well then I had a c-section so it was even longer before baths were allowed again.

Saturday nights were the best baths though. It was the night I'd scrub my feet and use a face mask and just pamper myself. I'd stay in there a good 30 minutes just reading and relaxing.

Nowadays I don't have time to daydream about baths. I'm too busy playing and cleaning up and making meals and putting the little one down for naps.

And while I still do my Saturday night pampering, I don't really have 30 minutes anymore. It's more like ten.

My bubble baths and foot scrubs and face masks have now been replaced by five different baby soaps and a funny looking pelican pitcher. Elmo stares back at me from the faucet and little plastic bath toys float in my space that I'm just too tired to pick up.

It's still a favorite part of my day, time to give myself and relax and think about the day that has passed and also about what tomorrow will bring.

I listen to Matt as he dresses Matthew, telling him they're a part of a pit crew to see how fast he can get him dressed. I listen to him feed him his last bottle and sing to him songs he doesn't think I hear him singing. I relish in the sounds of a daddy and son spending a little bit of time together before the day is done. While I enjoy my time to myself, I enjoy even more giving Matt a little bit of time to be the one Matthew needs most...if only for ten minutes.


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