Monday, June 29, 2009

A New Friend...

Last week Matt had to travel up to MA for work and Matthew and I got tag along. We had fun taking our time heading up there on Sunday and had Matthew set in the back with every toy we could shove in the car, his stinky puppy and Blues Clues in the dvd player.


On our way we saw a sign that said "scenic overlook". I shot Matt a look as he drove right passed it. The next sign that popped up on the road he pulled over for. It was the NY State line and beautiful. A very nice man offered to take our picture, so we got something we don't have a lot of, all three of us in the same picture.


We got up there late and had some dinner and Matthew had the best time. Since we had a suite he didn't have anywhere to be that wasn't with us so even though he was in his pack n play there was no way he was going to sleep. He played and jumped up and down and talked to us all night until we finally went to sleep too.

On Monday we hung around the hotel and that night went out to dinner and to a mall to get Matthew new shoes since we found out the hard way that his sneakers were too small. Yeah, an hour of non-stop screaming in the car and racking my brains as to what could be so bad made me realize his shoes were hard to put on. The second they came off there was instant silence. His new favorite phrase is to tell us he's "all done" when he's doing something he doesn't want to do. When I was getting him dressed to go out that night he was whining on the bed telling me "all done mama, all done."

On Tuesday we got to meet up with a very good friend of mine who was an amazing support to me when we lost the twins. We actually went through pregnancy together a second time and her little girl was born a couple weeks after Matthew. It was so nice to finally meet and let the kids meet each other. We always joke they're going to get married one day. They were pretty cute together. Sitting at a table at a restaurant they were a huge hit. Everybody stopped to say hi to them and they took it all in like the prince and princess they are.

The highlight of the trip for Matthew was the little boy who lived in the hotel room. He was a good looking kid who was always happy to see Matthew, and Matthew was always happy to see him.


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