Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Blessed Day...

Sunday was a big day in the spiritual journey of our little man. It was the day he began his walk with God. I pray for my son every night. I pray for God to help us to be good parents to him and to lead him down the right path in life. And I pray that Matthew will always feel God's love and have faith that through Him he can do anything.

It was a wonderful day with us surrounded by family and friends in the church that I grew up attending and where Matt and I were married. He was christened by the minister that married us. He was sleeping as we went up there and awoke as the water was sprinkled on his head. And as the minister prayed over him he stared into his eyes as if somehow he knew what was going on.

I was proud of myself. I held it together until the minister started his prayer with "this has been a long awaited for child." With that one sentence my soul crumbled as the I was hit by the realization that through all of our strife in getting and staying pregnant I held on to my faith and here I was. With my son.

Some of you may know this, but most of you probably don't. A long time ago I had heard that if you want to ask God a question to ask your question out loud and flip through the bible and randomly stop. I stopped on the page that held the passage, "behold, for I shall give you a son." I remember my breath catching as I read it. And through all the disappointment of treatments that didn't work I held on to it. And here I am. With a living, breathing, perfectly healthy son.

God is good, my friends. God is good.


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